It seems that the heat around the death of George Floyd has died down. however, I believe that what happened still needs to be discussed. George Floyd was killed on Thursday 25th of May by police officers. The officers used unnecessary force against him which caused his death.

After the death of George Floyd in the US caused an uproar within the black community, protests were held globally against the use of excessive force by police officers against black suspects.

But where we heard?


Police are five times more likely to use force against black people than white people. According to  data from the Home Office, police in England and wales used force tactics at a rate of 90 per 10,000 white people  but 450 per 10,000 black people.

Over the past 10 years, 164 people have died in police custody in England and wales.

An independent review of deaths in police custody between 1989/1990 and 2008/2009 found that a disproportionate number of people from the BAME communities have died following the use of force.

Say their names

Michael Powell –  In 2003, Michael Powell died of asphyxiation in police custody

Mark Duggen – in 2011, mark Duggen was shot twice by a police officer who assumed he was armed (this sparked the 2011 riots)

Ricky Bishop – in 2011, Ricky Bishop died in police custody sustaining cuts around his mouth and wrists and injuries to his legs.

Leon Briggs – In 2013, Leon died in police custody after he was restrained and detained by police officers.

These are only a few of the victims of abuse of power and misconduct within the police

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