Katherine Johnson loved maths. She showed astonishing mathematical abilities from an early age. She then went on to graduate from high school at the impressive age of 14 years old and graduated from university at 18 years old.

You are no better than anyone else, and no one is better than you.

Katherine Johnson

Johnson had a career in teaching before applying to work for NASA in 1952. After being rejected for the first time,  she applied again the following year, this time finding success.

Katherine Johnson is noted in history as being one of the first African American women to become a NASA scientist. Her brilliance and love for Maths led to her being key to the success of NASA being able to send astronauts into orbit around the Earth.

Later on her maths helped send astronauts to the moon and back successfully for the first time in history.

In 19886, Johnson retired after 30 years of working for NASA and died in February 2020 at 101 years old.

Celebrate her legacy

We celebrate this exceptional historical figure because her work led to huge progression of the technological advancement of mankind.

Katherine Johnson is celebrated because she succeeded and made history in a time where being both a woman and an African American provided countless of disadvantages. Her strength and intelligence is greatly admired by millions around the world.

Stories as inspiring as Katherine Johnson’s should be spread and commemorated because it fills not only women but black people with a sense of pride and hope for a better and impactful life.

She inspires all fellow black women in the STEM field to break and reach beyond the ceiling of discrimination.

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