Death in pregnancy and childbirth is rare. However, black women in the UK are more likely to die from complication surrounding pregnancy and childbirth than white women

According to the UK confidential Enquiry into Maternal Deaths, the chance of death is 1 in 2,500 for black women and the rate was 5 times smaller for white women between 2014 and 2016.

These alarming figures amongst black women compared with white women requires urgent explanation and action.

Why are so many black women still dying in childbirth?

In 2018, the world number one tennis player, Serena Williams gave birth to her child via caesarean section but became breathless the day after the birth. She believed she had a blood clot on her lungs which she has a history of.  Serena had to plead with her medical team for a CT scan to find out she was correct. The blood clot would have been fatal if not treated.

Why do black women have to beg for medical attention?  Why are so many black women dying of childbirth?

The only answer is that there is racial bias within the medical sector. Health trusts need to admit there is racial bias. There needs to be better training.

Why are black mothers at more risk of dying?

•Medical professionals have long assumed the death rate can be explained by preexisting conditions amongst black women such as high blood pressure. However, more research needs to be done into why this is happening. •The government must commit to funding the changes necessary to eradicate these statistics and improve maternal health care outcomes for Black women.

Despite the petition reaching 180,000 signitures, this topic is still awaiting debate  while the deaths of black women continue. An urgent explanation and tangible action needs to occur to stop putting black women in danger.

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